Cllr Chris Ahern

Chris was elected as Councillor for the Perth City Centre Ward in 2017. 

Chris writes: "As a local resident, I live with my family in North Muirton. My children grew up in North Muirton and have all been to the local schools. I am delighted to have been elected for this ward. Perth is a very fair city, but we are still a long way from recognising our full potential.

"Like the rest of you I live with the frustrations at the poor state of local roads - and not just in the city centre, but across the whole of Perth & Kinross, the lack of shops in the city centre, the constant battle with parking on side streets, and the problems of having to navigate around dog mess on our pavements. I am also increasingly exasperated by the amount of fly-tipping by inconsiderate residents who have no thought for the environment and communities in which they live.

As a veteran of the Royal Air Force and having served at home and in Germany I was delighted to become the Armed Forces and Veterans Champion for Perth and Kinross. I have made the issues of veterans and awareness of veterans a priority. I have also recently, along with the Perth Veterans Association, secured the erection of a new War memorial, something that veterans and families In Perth & Kinross have been asking for, for a long time.

As Convenor of the Licensing Committee I am making sure that taxi drivers and companies maintain the standards that are expected of them, especially as they are often the first people tourists meet when they visit Perth. First impressions count.

As the ward councillor for Perth city centre I have received lots of emails etc. covering a broad range of issues, from housing problems to environment issues, from financial issues to mental health issues. Along with my experience as a director of a mental health charity I been able to get help for individuals and families to help cope with their mental health.

Having recently become vice Convenor of the Housing and Communities committee I am delighted to be able to be involved in ensuring that our residents, both tenants and private, are able to live in comfort and safety. As the chair of the Community Justice Partnership I have changed the way we have our meetings by inviting 3rd sector charities to give us the benefit of their experience in the Justice system. I am also ensuring that the excellent work of our community justice teams is recognised.

Perth harbour was struggling and since becoming the chair of the Harbour board I have been able to work with the board during the partnership with CalMac and have seen the fortunes of the harbour turn around, with more trade coming to the harbour giving way to local businesses benefiting from the increase in trade.

"I will continue to ensure that the council look after our education system and aim to ensure that there are sufficient teachers and better technology in our schools. I will also do all I can to ensure our public areas and parks are as attractive as possible to promote active, inclusive, recreation for all.

"My priorities for Perth City Centre

  1.   Campaigning to ensure we attract more businesses to Perth. Focus on High Street and Bridgend to create thriving retail areas.
  2.   Working to ensure that all children receive the best education. Ensuring our open spaces are well maintained to encourage active recreation.  
  3.   Minimising Council Tax burden on family budgets whilst delivering efficient services.
  4.   Addressing parking and traffic problems across the city centre. Improving park and ride facilities and walking routes around the city.   
  5.  Tackling anti-social behaviour and speeding, especially in residential areas. 
  6.  Standing up to the SNP and opposing a second, divisive, independence referendum. "



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Cllr Kathleen Baird

Kathleen Baird was re-elected to represent the Almond and Earn ward in 2017.

Kathleen writes: "It has been an enormous privilege to serve the community of Almond and Earn and I was delighted to have been re-elected to the Council .

Cllr Bob Brawn

Bob Brawn was elected in 2017 as a Councillor for the Blairgowrie and Glens ward, alongside Cllr Caroline Shiers . Having run the local shop and Post Office with his wife for the last fourteen years, Bob is well-placed to appreciate the changing concerns of the local community.

Cllr Harry Coates

Harry Coates was elected to Perth and Kinross Council in 2017.

Harry writes: "I am delighted to have been elected as Councillor for Perth City North. 

Cllr John Duff

John was elected as the Councillor for the Highland Ward of Perth and Kinross Council in a by-election on 20 April 2018 and is currently Deputy Group Leader for the Conservative Administration. A former Police Superintendent, John was born and brought up in Aberfeldy, went to school at Breadalbane Academy, studied at the University of Glasgow and joined Strathclyde Police in 1981. He retired from the police after 30 years’ service and returned to Aberfeldy.

Cllr Angus Forbes

Angus was elected in 2017 to represent the Carse of Gowrie ward. Since his election, Angus has built a solid reputation with his constituents as someone who can get things done.

Cllr David Illingworth

David Illingworth was elected Councillor for Almond and Earn in 2017.

David writes: " I am delighted to have been elected to serve Almond and Earn ward at Perth and Kinross Council.

Cllr Ian James

Ian James was elected to the Council in 2017 to represent the Strathtay ward. Since being elected, Ian has taken an active role within this extremely large rural ward, making representations for residents from all parts of the Ward regardless of their political allegiance and has successfully acted as mediator for a number of issues, from education to housing matters.

Cllr Murray Lyle

Elected in 2007 to represent the Strathallan Ward and  re-elected in 2012 and in 2017, Murray is spokesman on Environment issues for the Scottish Conservative group on Perth and Kinross Council.