Cllr Chris Ahern

Chris was elected as Councillor for the Perth City Centre Ward in 2017.

Chris writes: "As a local resident, living with my family in North Muirton and a son at a local school, I am delighted to have been elected for this ward. Perth is a very fair city but we are still a long way from recognising our full potential.

"Like the rest of you I live with the frustrations at the poor state of local roads - and not just in the city centre, but across the whole of Perth & Kinross, the lack of shops in the city centre, the constant battle with parking on side streets, and the problems of having to navigate around dog mess on our streets.

"As chairman of North Muirton Community Council I have managed to sort out a number of local issues, and I know I have much to offer all residents of Perth City Centre and will ensure that everyone is listened to and represented.

"I want to ensure that the new council will look after our education system and aim to ensure that there are sufficient teachers and better technology in our schools. I will also do all I can to ensure our public areas and parks are as attractive as possible to promote active, inclusive, recreation for all.

"My priorities for Perth City Centre

1.  Campaigning to ensure we attract more businesses to Perth. Focus on High Street and Bridgend to create thriving retail areas.

2.  Working to ensure that all children receive the best education. Ensuring our open spaces are well maintained to encourage active recreation.

3.  Minimising Council Tax burden on family budgets whilst delivering efficient services.

4.  Addressing parking and traffic problems across the city centre. Improving park and ride facilities and walking routes around the city.  

5. Tackling anti-social behaviour and speeding, especially in residential areas.

6. Standing up to the SNP and opposing  a second, divisive, independence referendum. "