Scotland Won’t Meet Climate Change Targets


Despite the erection of thousands of wind turbines since the SNP came to power, Scotland is no closer to meeting its carbon emission reduction targets.

Mid-Scotland and Fife MSP Murdo Fraser has warned that the Scottish Government is approaching emission reduction targets in the wrong way.

According to David Wilson, Director of Energy and Climate Change at the Scottish Government, Scotland is on track to miss virtually all its legally-binding targets to cut climate pollution for the next 15 years. Even if ministers adopt all the measures they have currently proposed to cut carbon emissions, Scotland will still fall eight million tonnes short of the target cut mandated by the Scottish Parliament for 2027 in the Climate Change Act.

Murdo Fraser MSP said:

“This news comes as no surprise. The SNP believe that wind power can successfully offset carbon emissions, however its impact is often overstated due to  intermittency.

“Coal and gas fired power stations are left ‘on standby’ to meet Scotland’s energy requirements when demand cannot be met from wind power. This form of energy generation is extremely inefficient. If you think for instance of a car’s fuel consumption when engaged in stop-start motoring, which is very poor, the same laws exist for power stations that operate on half power, and subsequently more fuel is used to meet demand.

“Making homes more energy efficient will reduce emissions and curb fuel poverty, and as such should receive greater government support. The Scottish Government must re-focus their renewable energy policy to include other forms of energy generation- not just wind power. Perhaps then we can start to see emissions targets being met.”