Lose liberalism, and we lose civilisation

The term “liberal” in a political context has a variety of different meanings: in the US, it is generally taken as a description of someone on the left of politics, whilst in contrast we are more likely to use it to describe someone in the centre ground, writes Murdo Fraser in The Scotsman.

Boris Johnson unveils a New Deal for Britain

The Prime Minister this morning set out our ‘New Deal’, an ambitious economic strategy to rebuild Britain across the UK, putting jobs, skills and infrastructure investment at the heart of our economic recovery post-coronavirus, and delivering on our manifesto pledges to level up the entire countr

Murdo congratulates local Asda stores

In his latest Motion lodged at the Scottish Parliament Murdo has drawn attention to the good work of Asda stores in the Mid Scotland and Fife area and their part in donating the equivalent of more than 800,000 meals to charities and community groups.