Speed up free Wi-Fi on Train Services

     In the Scottish Parliament, Mid-Scotland & Fife Conservative MSP Murdo Fraser asked what work the Scottish Government has done with train operating companies to roll out wi-fi services on train services in 2012.  In response, the Transport Minister Keith Brown stated: “The Scottish Government is working with industry partners to set up a trial to test the latest onboard train signal receiving booster and transmission equipment on rolling stock running primarily on the Edinburgh to Glasgow route.” Murdo Fraser wants First Scotrail to introduce reliable and free wi-fi to their train services to make the train service a more attractive option. Murdo Fraser MSP said: “I welcome trials to test wi-fi equipment on the Edinburgh to Glasgow route and I hope that they are successful.  It is disappointing that there is not more momentum to get wi-fi on our train services throughout Scotland, including Fife, Perth and Stirling train services. “Scotrail and the SNP Government need to realise the importance of good wi-fi connectivity to the Scottish economy.  “Just now train users are paying very high prices for their tickets for a service which many are not happy with.  If Scotland’s trains offered free wi-fi, it would make the train service more attractive, which will mean more people using public transport and this is better news for the environment.  “It is important for the business community as well that we have a reliable and free wi-fi service on our trains.”ENDS