#SecureOurHospital - Saving the MIU in Blairgowrie


 The Perth and Kinross Health and Social Care Partnership have confirmed that they plan to permanently end drop-ins at the Minor Injuries Unit at Blairgowrie Community Hospital. The end of this service is a huge loss to Blairgowrie and the wider area which is served. 

These plans have been drawn up with no public consultation or communication, representing a major change to the way that residents in the East Perthshire area receive care. Residents deserve an opportunity to voice their concerns about the healthcare facilities available locally. 

Last winter, vulnerable people were forced to travel almost 20 miles and over half an hour to PRI to obtain treatment. By any measure, this is unacceptable when facilities exist in our local area. East Perthshire communities continue to grow with new house building and with this population growth there is a need to develop healthcare facilities to meet the needs of these communities. 

If you support our calls for public consultation on these changes then please sign and share this petition to #SecureOurHospital.


#SecureOurHospital - Blairgowrie Cottage Hospital