Councillor Callum Purves and Liz Smith MSP are regularly contacted by Portmoak residents who are concerned
about reckless driving and speeding along the A911. There has, however, been much recent progress on road safety measures. Working together with local residents, community councillors and the Council, we have already secured:

  • 20 mph speed limit for Kinnesswood, Kilmagadwood and Scotlandwell
  • Southbound vehicle-activated sign for Easter Balgedie
  • North and southbound vehicle-activated signs for
  • Kinnesswood and Scotlandwell

Callum recently organized a site visit with the Community Council and the Council’s Roads Team to look at outstanding road safety issues. The Council have also agreed the following measures:

  • 30 mph speed limit in Wester Balgedie and Easter Balgedie
  • Priority system with build-out at the Kinnesswood shop
  • Speed bumps along the A911 in Kinnesswood
  • More prominent and regular 20 mph repeater signs for the new limits
  • New 20 mph village nameplates for Scotlandwell and Kilmagadwood

There are a number of other mitigation measures, which cannot be progressed in the short term, but we will continue to press for action on them:

  • Signalized junction at the Balgedie Toll Tavern
  • A puffin crossing between the village hall and church 
  • Additional vehicle-activated signs in Scotlandwell and Easter Balgedie
  • Moving wester Scotlandwell priority system to other side of the road

There is also still work to be done with the Community Council and Council’s Community Greenspace Team to progress a safe footpath link between Kilmagadwood and Scotlandwell.

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