UK Government Broadband cash for Perth

Businesses and residents in Perth were today handed a massive boost thanks to the announcement that ‘Britain’s newest city’ will benefit from the UK Government’s Urban Broadband Fund.

This £50 million bounty aims to improve broadband speed and interconnectivity, which will allow Britain to have the fastest and best connected communications network in Europe. 

A further boost also came in news that the planned January 3p increase in fuel duty will also be scrapped, thus alleviating pressure from motorists.

Commenting on the news Murdo Fraser MSP said:

“This is fantastic news from Conservative Chancellor George Osborne for residents in Perth who have been crying out for better broadband provision. Perth’s inclusion within the second round of funding further elevates the city’s status as Scotland’s newest business hub.

“The great conference facilities available in the city will be aided by some of the fastest broadband in Britain. This news will hopefully provide businesses in Perth with the right conditions for growth.

“Motorists have felt the pinch thanks to ever increasing fuel prices, by scrapping the rise in fuel duty the UK Government has listened and responded to the concerns of road users nationwide.”