Increase HGV Speed Limits


Mid-Scotland and Fife MSP Murdo Fraser has signed a motion in the Scottish Parliament that supports a campaign aimed at increasing the speed limit of HGV’s on single carriageway roads from 40mph to 50mph.

Started by Inverness based driver Conor McKenna, the campaign aims to increase the speed limit for HGV’s in order to reduce accidents caused by frustrated drivers.

This campaign has particular resonance for the A9 which has witnessed many accidents caused by frustrated drivers caught behind slow moving HGV’s on single carriageway portions of the road.

The motion reads as;

“That the Parliament recognises the efforts of the Inverness-based HGV driver, Conor McKenna, who has set up a campaign, 50 Miles Per Hour, which aims to persuade both the Scottish and UK Governments to increase the speed limit for HGVs on single carriageways from 40 to 50 mph; considers that such an increase would reduce any frustration for drivers who follow HGVs and the subsequent risks of vehicle collisions; believes that it would also shorten delivery times to businesses; understands that the UK Government has welcomed such proposals and has launched a consultation exercise in England and Wales and urges the Scottish Government to carry out similar work, and believes that, if this demonstrates that such proposals would make roads safer, help hard-pressed businesses and relieve the pressure on HGV drivers to meet target times, the Scottish Government should consider ensuring that the speed limit for HGVs in Scotland is aligned to that for England and Wales.”

Murdo Fraser MSP said:

“Back in July I suggested increasing the speed limit for HGV’s on the A9 in order to decrease the number of accidents caused by frustrated drivers.

“HGV drivers currently have two stark choices, comply with the speed limit and risk accidents, or drive slightly faster and risk speeding fines and penalty points.

“In order to improve the safety of our roads, lawmakers must be fluid and flexible in their approach. On the face of it, increasing speed limits can only prove counterproductive in increasing road safety, however in this instance the opposite applies.

“Hopefully the Scottish Government will take notice of this very important campaign and support efforts that aim to reduce accidents and fatalities. With resonance to my own constituency, hopefully this campaign can help re-open the debate on HGV speed limits on the A9. Driver frustration has been at the heart of many A9 accidents, this slight change in the speed limit could help offer a temporary solution before the road is dualled completely.”