Scottish Government must address fly-tipping say Murdo Fraser MSP & Cllr John Duff

The politician made his feelings known following a recent incident in Aberfeldy.

Commenting, Scottish Conservative MSP Murdo Fraser, who represents the Mid Scotland and Fife region, said: “Incidents like this one in Aberfeldy are becoming all too common during this pandemic. Fly-tipping blights the countryside and the situation has been made worse by local councils not being able to re-open recycling centres.

“The Scottish Government needs to address this issue and I know my colleague, Liz Smith MSP, has written to the Environment Minister, Roseanna Cunningham, to ask her to address the increasing problem of fly-tipping.

“We are hearing of incidents of illegal fly-tipping all over the country – it is a problem that needs tackled urgently.”

And Scottish Conservative Councillor John Duff, who represents the Highland ward, added: “Fly-tipping is highly illegal and totally irresponsible and the increase in this type of behaviour during lockdown is causing the Council Tax payer and landowners a lot of expense and effort at a time when we can least afford it.

“I urge everyone to make certain that anyone disposing of their waste, especially at this time, is doing so legitimately and to obtain a record of the transaction. Otherwise, you could be fined if it ends up getting dumped illegally.

“I would also ask everyone to be vigilant and report any suspicious activity, along with the vehicle details, to the police.”

He continued: “I am aware many of these incidents are taking place on farmland and private grounds and that farmers and landowners would normally have to bear the labour and expense costs of disposing of this illegally dumped waste. I will be asking the Council if it will allow fly-tipped material to be disposed of in our recycling centres free of charge for a certain period when the Scottish Government permits them to be re-opened.”