Meigle and Ardler Community Council

On Tuesday 6th November, the Kinloch Hall in Meigle played host to the first meeting of the new Meigle and Ardler Community Council.


Councillor Colin Stewart said, “I was delighted to see the communities of Ardler and Meigle work together to get their community council back up and running, and it was my pleasure to call the first meeting and welcome the nine new community councillors to their posts.


“Community councils can play a key role in representing the views of their areas, and liaising with the Council and ward councillors on a whole range of issues from planning to road safety to any of the huge range of services that the Council and other public bodies provide.


“I’d like to congratulate all of the new members and officers of the community council on their election, and also to thank all of the members of the public who turned up to the first meeting, and I encourage them to keep coming along to raise their issues and concerns.”


The next meeting of the community council will be held on Monday 3rd December at 7pm in the Kinloch Memorial Hall.