Councillor Calls for Safety Consultation on A90



Following on from the most recent fatal accident on the A90 near Glendoick, Cllr Angus Forbes has written to Transport Scotland for a meeting to discuss what safety improvements can be made to the A90.

Councillor Forbes said:

"The horrific accident just a few weeks ago brought the A90 to a stand still and rightly so, someone had died and nothing is more important than letting the emergency services do what they need to do.

"However, as some time has passed I feel it’s an opportunity to look at the bigger picture in regards to safety on this road, a quick look at tells me that there has been 41 crashes on this road in the most recent 5 year period where figures are available.

"The other issue that has been reported to me is the diversion route, which appeared to include diverting lorries into the hills to the north side of the A90. On checking with Perth and Kinross Council it appears that this was not the official diversion route,  rather drivers had chosen to use it in preference over the official diversion which was over the Glendoick Junction then back to Dundee, Coupar Angus then on to Perth. My letter asks Transport Scotland if they should have had staff on duty during the diversion to prevent lorries using the unsuitable back roads.

"I do hope that Transport Scotland can find some budget to look in detail at the safety record of this road and I hope they will be willing to meet me on site to discuss my concerns.

"Whilst the A90 is a trunk road and therefore in the control of Transport Scotland, it runs through the middle of my ward and my constituents use it every day."