Cllr Angus Forbes welcomes the start of work to provide a new Errol surgery

Speaking on hearing the news that work is to begin on the provision of a new doctors' surgery in Errol, Cllr Angus Forbes said:

"The provision of a GP Service in The Carse of Gowrie has been a long running saga with many issues along the way so I am delighted that we are finally cutting turf for a surgery in Errol. Whilst this is a very positive development, we must not forget that this is a temporary solution and NHS Tayside have promised me that consultation on a permanent Surgery will begin soon after the doors to this one are opened.

"The location on the edge of Errol has attracted some criticism but having been party to the process of identifying a site within the town, I am satisfied that every option was looked at and dismissed as being unsuitable under current regulations. I must thank the Doctors who own The Carse Medical Centre for sticking with it through the long and difficult process and I am really pleased we finally have a solution within sight but most importantly we have retained a surgery here in The Carse.

"We must not lose sight of the fact that the people of St Madoes are losing a surgery they have had for years, I understand the frustration this causes them and am disappointed that my efforts to save it were unsuccessful."