Councillor Callum Purves and Liz Smith MSP are regularly contacted by local residents in Milnathort who are concerned about the scale of development in Milnathort and wider Kinross-shire. In addition to the Pace Hill development in Milnathort, there is significant development at Lathro Farm between Kinross and Milnathort.

Along with many local residents, Callum voiced his objection to this development, which would have seen even more houses being built on the Pitdownies site than the community had previously been promised. Callum and Liz were pleased that the Council listened to the community’s concerns and rejected the plans. But the Scottish Government’s reporter has overturned this decision and granted planning permission anyway.

By siding with big developers over the local community, the Scottish Government reporter has completely ignored concerns that local residents raised about local infrastructure and overdevelopment and the effect that it would have on capacity in local schools, at the GP surgery and on roads in Milnathort.

The Scottish Government is all too quick to intervene when councils take decisions that it does not like. Callum and Liz believe that planning decisions should be taken locally.

If you agree that planning decision should be taken locally, please sign our petition:

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1.1. Planning decisions should be taken locally