Fossoway has been particularly badly affected by cuts to rural services. Earlier this year, Bank of Scotland announced their intention to close their branch in Kinross and more recently Stagecoach announced their decision to withdraw the 23 bus service between Stirling and St Andrews. Liz Smith MSP and Councillor Callum Purves want to see a fair deal for our rural communities.

The bank closure would leave Kinross-shire without any bank at all. Liz and Callum have been contacted by many local people who are concerned about the effects the bank closure will have on elderly and vulnerable residents, local businesses who still trade in cash, and our rural communities. Residents are also concerned about the loss of the cash machine.

Liz organised a meeting for community representatives with the bank so that they could hear community concerns first-hand. The closure has now been postponed as a result of the coronavirus pandemic and Liz and Callum are lobbying the Bank of Scotland to reverse their decision and keep the bank open for good.

Following Stagecoach’s announcement, First Bus have announced a new two-hourly service between Kinross and Stirling. But Callum wants to see more done to keep our communities connected. With other councillors, he has been working with the Council’s public transport team to look at improving the Demand Responsive Transport service and community transport projects.

If you agree that our rural communities deserve a fair deal, please sign our petition:

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1.1. Our rural communities deserve a fair deal